Oil Storage

Oil Storage

CJSC ARKON provides modern high-performance system for handling all kinds of petroleum products like; Crude oil, Jet Fuel, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Base Oil, Virgin D6 situated in all Russian port, Rotterdam and Houston ports.
High-tech equipment for loading and unloading of petroleum products, together with state of the art facilities to determine the basic parameters of density and temperature allow maintaining the high quality of petroleum and petrochemical storage.
Supply of petroleum products is carried out by railway tanks through utility station of the Moscow railway.

Our farm’s tanks are positioned in various locations where ocean liners carrying products can discharge their cargo while some are technically attached to pipelines in other to draw our supplies through rails or barges and by heavy duty oil tankers. Most of our tank farms have heavy duty oil tankers operating from their grounds and these vehicles transport products to petrol stations or other users. The products which reach our tank farms are from the refineries and suitable for delivery to customers because our tank farms are modern and comprise various types of tankage, pipelines, and gantries with a greater degree of automation as significant changes in depot operations. .

CJSC ARKON utilizes Tank Storage Facilities in the Port of Rotterdam and in the Upper Baltic Sea Region of Primorsk Commercial Sea Port that allows for the simultaneous loading of Multiple vessel tankers with deadweight of up to 50 – 150 thousand tons with a capacity of up to 6,500 tons per hour in Primorsk Port, Ust Luga Port and the loading of multiple vessel tankers with dead-weight up to 75 thousand -to- 150 thousand tons with a capacity of up to 4,500 and 6,500 tons per hour in the port of Rotterdam.

Why Choose Us
  • We have group-age service and cross-docking facilities in all our terminals for import and export consolidation. Our experienced staff strives for excellent performance in the delivery of services for all types of vessels ensuring compliance to all safey regulations.
  • We are presently located at the largest port in Russia and the Nethelands and explore every option to provide the most effective Supply chain to our customers. We provide solutions for each aspect of the supply chain including plan, the source makes and delivery.
  • CJSC ARKON is well equipped to handle customs clearance, merchant haulage, deep-sea imports, and deferment of duty if required. We operate a full pick and parallelization operation for onward delivery. We have more than a container lift at our various Depots.
  • CJSC ARKON views its people as the most important part of its organisation. Combined with excellent equipment, they create a truly reliable company. The well-trained staffs of CJSC ARKON facilitate the seamless execution of our Tank Storage and services.