Port of Houston

CJSC ARKON leases storage tank from Houston Fuel Oil Terminal the largest provider of fuel oil storage for Russian petroleum. Due to its broad customer base, CJSC ARKON provides its customers with special discount for tank storage lease.

CJSC ARKON four ship docks in our Houston Terminal has 45 foot draft, 165 foot beam, and a 1,000 foot LOA."

The docks have pumping capacity of 40,000 bbl./hour for fuel oil. CJSC ARKON has nine miles of additional intra-terminal piping to facilitate tank-to-tank transfers. When not serving vessels, each ship dock can accommodate four barges. In addition to the ship docks, CJSC ARKON has seven barge docks that can service 19 barges simultaneously in our Houston Terminal. The Terminal is not only capable of shipping and receiving oil products by barge, cargo vessel, pipeline and tank transfer, but it also had rail and truck capability.