Our Services

Given the increase in the demand for oil and gas and the high rise call for oil storage facilities and warehousing, We thereby increase our input and output, manpower and storage capacities in order to remain one of the leaders in the oil and gas business and to meet the needs of our customers. Through years of experience, CJSC AKRON has become a preferred storage and shipping provider for various companies and customers.

We offer the following Services:

Tank Farms & Storage

CJSC ARKON has major storage facilities sited strategically at several locations in Netherlands, Russia and USA. With a total storage capacity of 8,100,000 cubic meters, our facilities in various port terminals allow our company to hand a highly diversified liquid fuel products, including petrochemical and jet fuel, base oils, Virgin D6 Fuel Oil products, crude oil, and gasoline.

Shipping & Logistics

Since the company's establishment, CJSC ARKON has become one of the worlds leading provider of intergrated shipping and logistics services. With modern fleet networks between Europe, America and China, we are able to transport your goods anywhere in the world even the Far East and Africa. We deliver your goods anywhere in the world. We also provide Owner’s Protecting Agency (OPA) services in all our offshore loading terminals.

Pipeline Transportation

On a daily basis, CJSC ARKON operates a network of approximately 3,000 miles of pipe which transports over 1.2 million barrels of crude, refined products and chemicals. We also administer associated storage capacity of approximately 2.6 million barrels of products. At CJSC ARKON, we are committed to the construction, operation and maintenance of our pipeline systems in a safe, environmentally sound manner..

Cargo Handling

The seamless, worldwide movement of oil and gas is vital to keeping the modern world ticking. The transportation and storage of goods is a particular challenge that the industry faces. Managed transport services for this industry require experienced logistics professionals with a deep understanding of safety, compliance and efficiency.
CJSC ARKON is experienced in delivering oil and gas supply chain solutions to a range of companies across the globe. With strategic bases worldwide, we are able to effectively devise a freight management solution that benefits from a global logistics platform.
Adapted multimodal transport, Compliance, Licensed customs brokerage, Offshore support, Advanced technology underpins all operations and gives our customers full visibility and control over their cargo. Customers benefit from our expertise in customer fulfilment to gain the competitive edge and a reduction in supply chain costs..


CJSC ARKON Bunker is a member of Russian Association of Sea and River Fuelers.
CJSC ARKON Bunker guarantees high-quality, year-round supplies of oil products, including fuel oil, oils and marine fuel, to shipowners and charterers in all key marine and river ports in Russia.
CJSC ARKON Bunker operates over a vast area of Russia and in all key Russian ports (19 marine and 16 river ports) and the international ports of Tallinn, Riga and Constanța in Europe. The company fleet comprises 9 state-of-the-art bunker vessels. The Company maintained leading positions on the Russian bunkering market with a 21.0% share (up 2.4 percentage points from 2014) despite a 12.6% contraction in market capacity in 2015.

Tank Maintenance

Regular tank servicing and maintenance is vital to ensuring that any stored fuel is kept at the highest quality and fully usable, done so correctly and adheres to legislation. Our engineers are fully qualified to carry out non-intrusive inspections and tests on all our fuel tanks and associated equipment. We will also offer recommendations for upgrades or additions to help keep your fuel storage facility up to date and fully working helping to avoid costly down time or failures.
Our Tank maintenance services includes: New tank installations fully compliant with Oftec regulations, Above & below ground pipe work, Gauge and alarm installs, Tank Refurbishment, Modification to existing tanks and equipment to prolong life or to bring back into compliance, including tank lining and re piping using either steel or double contained UPP, Tank painting For both above & below ground tanks, Disposal of old tanks, hot and cold works Manned entry fuel tank cleaning by fully qualified confined space experts.

Why Choose Us
  • We have group-age service and cross-docking facilities in all our terminals for import and export consolidation. Our experienced staff strives for excellent performance in the delivery of services for all types of vessels ensuring compliance to all safey regulations.
  • We are presently located at the largest port in Russia and the Nethelands and explore every option to provide the most effective Supply chain to our customers. We provide solutions for each aspect of the supply chain including plan, the source makes and delivery.
  • CJSC ARKON is well equipped to handle customs clearance, merchant haulage, deep-sea imports, and deferment of duty if required. We operate a full pick and parallelization operation for onward delivery. We have more than a container lift at our various Depots.
  • CJSC ARKON views its people as the most important part of its organisation. Combined with excellent equipment, they create a truly reliable company. The well-trained staffs of CJSC ARKON facilitate the seamless execution of our Tank Storage and services.